Our Focus

Organizations around the world are seeing major shifts in the way we do business since 2020.  However, a constant remains the same with executive leaders continued pursuit of matching core competencies to increase productivity, implementing new projects and managing risk while increasing business outcomes.  And while the need to drive efficiency and create value has not changed, new trends have increased complexity and need for a well-grounded strategy.
Organizations must disrupt before being disrupted by new digital capabilities, merger and acquisition activity and new market entrants. We believe high quality experts will outperform a high quantity of generalists. Our collaborative approach ensures that our industry, data and technology experts will augment, train and support your current resources, while the increases of challenges and opportunities present themselves to your organization. Contact us to see if our expertise aligns to your specific needs.

Our Focus

Focused Service Areas Available to Specific Locations.

Strategy & CX Engagement / Support

Mission, Vision, Objective, Strategy Alignment to Consumer Experience

Technology & Data Consulting

Technology implementation and Data Interoperability modeling and advisement

Project & Program Management

Business and Technology Large Program Management with Project management office capabilities

Capital Prioritization Consulting & Advisement

KPI, Business Outcome analysis with stakeholder and leadership prioritization models

Trusted Clients
Business White Papers
Deliverables Met

You are a student, want to be an intern with us?

We come across opportunities in management, technology and health policy.  Please tell us about yourself.

Jeffreys Corporation

Professional Consulting firm established in 2002 focussed in Business Strategy and Technology Implementation.

Why Choose Our Organization

Previous and Current Public and Private Sector Contracts across Health Service and Telecom Industries

Experienced Leadership

From Physicians to Previous C-Suite Leadership, we have focused program and sector experience.

Best Case Strategy

Evaluating and Supporting Executive Leadership with Cost / Benefit Analysis and Risk Mitigation

Review & Report

Leveraging In-House Experts to audit and report current and proposed solutions for best fit and core competencies.